Delmas 32 is the community we serve. It’s home to 90,000 residents and is roughly one square Kilometer.
That population density rivals the top 10 cities in the world, according to recent UN studies.
This community is one we’ve been following since the organization’s inception, in January 2010. After the earthquake, over 50% of the residents of Delmas 32 we’re displaced and forced to be homeless. Many of them lost family members, and many of them lost their homes. About 60,000 of that residency moved to the Petionville Camp, and became the community that we have worked with everyday. We’ve provided them with medical services, education, and community services. We’ve removed rubble from their streets, we’ve retrofitted and rebuilt their houses, and we’ve helped them relocated back into their homes..

These hardworking and hopeful people have become the J/P HRO family, and it’s now our mandate to continue helping them develop their community, their economy, and their future. This is the work of J/P HRO. This is Delmas 32.

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Haiti was singled out as a country of people who are unwanted and we just marked eight years since over 250,000 of our Haitians neighbors lost their lives.

For this reason, and so many others, we are taking a moment to share the Haiti we know and love. The Haiti filled with neighbors, friends, co-workers, brothers and sisters who, with their bare hands, pulled each other out of rubble and carried each other to safety. It is the Haiti of our 200 Haitian staff, working tirelessly every day to work with communities to provide medical care to infants and children while also promoting public health to tens of thousands; where our teachers provide young boys and girls a genuine opportunity to succeed. We know a Haiti that has been hit harder and more often by everything mother nature has to offer, and yet continues with a resiliency you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else; where the all-Haitian J/P HRO emergency response team to Hurricane Matthew, which devastated Haiti's South, helped 25,000 people return to a safe, dry home.

At J/P HRO we have always refused to blindly follow what has always been done. All of J/P HRO successes are guided by the people in Haiti themselves, by getting down to the ground level to do things with and in support of Haitians.

With time, Haiti will become more integral to the global economy. This is change that you will be able to see, touch, taste and wear. This will be no small feat, but J/P HRO is no stranger to challenging the status quo and persevering in the face of long odds. It's where we began and it's time to go back to what started this organization. We are not complacent. We are not okay with "good," or even "great." We are J/P HRO, and we want to keep doing the impossible.

Haiti is not looking for a handout. This great country will not be defined by an earthquake, hurricane or poverty. Instead, Haiti's difficult history will be overcome by the will of its people and with the attention and support of a compassionate world.

Today more than ever, we must stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti. Please help us show them they are in our thoughts and hearts.

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