Education, Community & Livelihoods


A quality education is every child’s right and the cornerstone of a promising future for Haiti. To that end, J/P HRO supports the camp community school, Ecole de l’Espoir, or School of Hope, which provides free, quality education for 430 children, from pre-school to 6th grade. The majority of the students are living in the two J/P HRO-managed camps—Pétionville Camp and Cité Maxo—and the surrounding neighborhoods. Students receive textbooks, school materials and uniforms at no cost, and can access books to read at the school library. In partnership with the kind support of the Bureau of Nutrition and Development we serve hot lunches to all 430 students.

In an effort to transition the Education Program’s focus back to the community, J/P HRO has launched the Education Revitalization Project: a significant new initiative to help rebuild and strengthen the education system in the neighborhood of Delmas 32. This project conducts in-depth school assessments for a comprehensive picture of the community’s educational needs.

The goal is two-fold: to help forge an alliance between neighborhood schools and enable these schools to bridge existing gaps between needs and currently available resources. Most importantly, this project will give teachers increased access to professional development opportunities through partnerships with organizations offering teacher-training programs. The Education Program also seeks to address additional high-priority needs through participatory community engagement. J/P HRO works hand-in-hand with the schools as equal partners in the continued effort to revitalize the educational opportunities in that neighborhood.


Thriving and economically prosperous neighborhoods are at the heart of rebuilding a stronger Haiti and J/P HRO is driving this effort in Delmas 32 and Delmas 40B. The Community Development Program focuses on rebuilding and fortifying community links and recognizes that community development is an essential component to successfully achieving this vision. As such, the community center, Kay Kominote, continues to provide, facilitate, create and deliver opportunities for educational, psychosocial, artistic and social support to the community. This is achieved through a variety of activities that are designed to enrich and empower long-time residents, as well as formerly displaced families who have relocated from camp back to these neighborhoods.

An integrated approach is essential and the Community Development Team coordinates and works closely with other projects within the Community Development Program in order to promote the following objectives:

        • To strengthen community links through a series of local capacity building and development initiatives
        • To promote revitalization in local neighborhoods
        • To catalyze and support the development and the retention of business opportunities for local residents through closer collaboration with the Livelihoods Program
        • To encourage and engage all stakeholders within the target communities and further their progress toward self-determination by adopting an inclusive and participatory approach toward the decision-making process on community interventions that will affect them

J/P HRO operates Kay Kominote in Delmas 32, and the team is planning to expand in the near future with the aim to increase the program’s reach and impact. J/P HRO’s Community Project provides support for, and facilitates other programs within, the organization to foster productive working relationships with the communities we work with. In addition to working closely with the Education and Livelihoods programs, the program actively supports initiatives led by J/P HRO teams for Community Protection, Relocations and Engineering and Construction.

Our program schedule is diverse, including:

English as a Second Language
Family Planning
Public Health Education
Martial Arts Club
Film Night
Debate Night
Parents Club
Disaster Preparedness
Homework Tutoring
Dance Club
Music Classes

More than 50 adult and youth volunteers from the Pétion-Ville and Cité Maxo camps and the Delmas 32 neighborhood staff our program. Our volunteers receive weekly training to further develop their skills and knowledge. J/P HRO is proud to host between 400 and 500 community members—of all ages—who participate each week.


The J/P HRO Livelihoods Program’s primary goal is to assist camp and Delmas 32 neighborhood residents as they seek to become financially self-sufficient. This is achieved through projects and initiatives designed to reduce and eliminate the socioeconomic barriers that many vulnerable community members face. The development and implementation of educational programming includes business management training mentorship and vocational training that establish vital links to the job market and microfinance initiatives.

Key Accomplishments:

        • 430 students receive quality education at Ecole de l’Espoir and a nutritious hot lunch, all free of charge
        • All 6th grade students at Ecole de l’Espoir take a six-week computer literacy course
        • Each classroom at Ecole de l’Espoir is equipped with an ever-growing library of books in French and Creole
        • 96 educators in 17 schools of Delmas 32 are undertaking a one-year teacher’s training course in professional development
        • 400-500 participants attend diverse educational, social and cultural activities in J/P HRO’s community center, Kay Kominote, every week
        • More than 50 volunteer facilitators, animators and trainers offer classes at Kay Kominote on a weekly basis
        • 30 hand washing stations have been established, providing sanitation at nearly all Delmas 32 schools
        • 15-20 new participants attend vocational trainings each week through the Livelihoods Program
        • Nearly 200 m3 of rubble has been recycled so far
        • 20,000 pavers stones have been ordered as of March 2013
        • Approximately 950 local residents have received small business management training
        • 60 participants have received advanced business training

Our Mission

J/P HRO’s mission to “Help Haiti Home” requires a great deal of effort and coordination to ensure that each step of the process is managed efficiently and sustainably. We are working to help communities rebuild and return to strong neighborhoods complete with public services and personal support. Together our programs provide comprehensive assistance throughout the process from camp life to independent living back home.