Be Selfish

Be Selfish

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A dear friend and mentor of mine once told me that giving, in its best form, is really a selfish act. By giving, a person rewards themselves with the reflection of their best self, and this is what leads to an enriching cycle of personal satisfaction.

My work with J/P HRO has been an example of selfish giving.

It began in April 2013, when I visited the two health clinics that J/P HRO established in the Delmas 32 neighborhood. The scope of care provided and the dedication of the staff was impressive. I wanted to see the dental clinic as I have spent the last 20 years working in the dental business. I met the dentist, Dr. Anderson, and saw how he compassionately managed so many acute issues with such limited resources and equipment.

It was decided then, me together with the JP medical team, that building a first-rate dental clinic could be a good contribution to the community. As we started this project, I didn’t realize the satisfaction that this project would give to me. In this short time, I have been rewarded with new, great friends in Haiti. I have been humbled as I witness the incredible fortitude of the Haitian people as they rebuild their communities. Finally, I have been given the insight to see the many blessings of my own life and live with those blessings more consciously.

But there was more to come. I now have the chance to run in the 2013 ING New York Marathon with Team J/P HRO. Last week, on a return visit to Haiti, I had the opportunity to train with my Haitian teammates. I learned their incredible stories and saw first-hand their commitment to fiercely compete and show the world the strength of their country. I will also have the chance to run with five American teammates that have focused some of their considerable talents and resources to Haiti’s evolution. It will be an honor to run with all of them.

I went to Haiti to give and in return I have been greatly enriched. Over the next few months I will keep you posted on how the dental clinic evolves and how my training for the marathon develops. I hope my comments provide some insight and I hope they inspire you to do something selfish and participate in Haiti’s future.