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Three months on, a new start takes root

“My house is the most beautiful in this neighborhood. I know this just by looking around me,” said Sherley Valery, 11, as she sat on the ground playing with her little sister, Laura, who is now 13 months old.

About three months ago, Sherley’s mother, Elaine, 35, moved the family into Kay Rose, a new, purple, hurricane- and earthquake-resistant home that was built by J/P HRO on Delmas 32. The Kay Rose is now the Valery family home. Sherley, little Laura and their mother were the first family from the Pétion-Ville Camp to have benefited from J/P HRO’s modular home project. The J/P Redevelopment Team built the house with the land owner after she agreed to build a bathroom and washing area and to house Sherley and her family for three years free of charge.

Today, Sherley is a typical “tween,” blowing bubbles in out into the small courtyard beyond the front door. Delmas 32 is a large neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, where many of the earthquake survivors left due to widespread damage. Next door and nearby, the majority of the cement homes remain in various states of disrepair; some are not painted, others are still under construction.

The Valery family’s was shattered when their apartment building collapsed nearly three years ago. A few months after moving to the Pétion-Ville Camp, which is managed by J/P HRO, Sherley’s father left the family, leaving the young girl and her 6-month-pregnant mother on their own. Sherley was constantly worried for her family when they lived in camp. “My mom was pregnant with my sister at the time, so I was concerned about her health and safety,” she explained. Sherley described the nights when intruders would disrupt the camp with loud noise, causing trouble in the area. “I am happy to be here instead. I sleep much better and I can play out front,” she said.

Thanks to your support J/P HRO’s Redevelopment Program continues to assist families rebuild homes that are stronger and better. Currently, the team is constructing a two-story, four-family unit, one with handicap accessibility that will house two additional families from camp, one of which has a disabled son. Please visit us at to find out more about our programs and how to support our efforts.